Pakistan Visitor Visa in China

Adult Price:650RMB   Child Discount:0RMB

1.  Pakistan Visitor visa documents required:


-China Residence Card (original and photocopy).
-Letter from their Company/Employer.
-Invitation Letter from Pakistan.
-Tourist Agency confirmation on travel/stay arrangements in Pakistan.
-Return air ticket/evidence for arrangement for travel by road.
-Document indicating financial position of the applicant.


2. Pakistan Visitor VISA FEE   

650RMB per entry (service fee included, foreigners from different countries subject to different visa fees, pls confirm with us )


3. VALIDITY OF A Pakistan Visitor Visa

The validity of a visa is 90days



Upon arrival, travellers with this type of visa will be permitted to stay in Pakistan for a period of not exceeding 15days.


5. Processing time of  Pakistan visa application

5 working days


If you need this visa application service, please booking online or call us on 021-51697961